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Clinical Pilates

At Basham Physiotherapy, we have a full onsite clinical Pilates studio that includes reformers, ½ trapeze, wunda chair and small pilates apparatus. All of our physiotherapists have completed post graduate clinical Pilates training. We utilise Pilates when indicated during our treatments, and in individual and group Pilates sessions. Clinical Pilates is a movement and exercise based therapy that combines traditional Pilates exercises with our extensive physiotherapy training in human movement to prescribe an individual exercise program focusing on your specific needs and goals. Clinical Pilates is an effective way to improve functional movement patterns, increase strength and stability, restore neuromuscular control and to manage, and prevent a wide range of conditions. At Nowra Allied Health Centre, we run over 20 Pilates sessions each week with classes being run by our physiotherapists, chiropractor and exercise physiologist. Each patient is individually assessed by their practitioner and guided through a progressive and specific movement routine to address their goals and deficits. Clinical Pilates provides a safe and highly specific form of exercise that is effective for anyone; from the most elite athlete to those who are just starting their exercise journey. Clinical Pilates can be targeted towards injury prevention or those who are completing rehabilitation post injury.


Before commencing clinical Pilates, each participant will require a specific Pilates assessment. This assessment is required for all participants, including those who have previously seen one of our physiotherapists or chiropractors. This assessment will consist of reviewing injuries and goals, determining the direction that your body prefers to move in, your balance and current level of stability and muscle co-ordination patterns. Once an individual exercise program as been prescribed, and you are able to safely complete this exercises program, you may be able to join a small group session.

Small Group Session

Small group sessions consist of a maximum of four participants and are supervised by a qualified physiotherapist or chiropractor. Each participant completes their own individual exercise program that was prescribed during their previous assessments. During these sessions, exercises may be modified or progressed under the instruction of the group supervisor.

Does My Health Fund Cover Pilates?

Yes. If your health fund covers physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment, clinical Pilates will be able to be claimed through your health fund under the funding of the discipline (physiotherapist or chiropractor) who provided your treatment. Clinical Pilates can be provided under DVA, Workers' Compensation and TAC. Clinical Pilates is bulk billed at our practice when provided as part of a consultation under the Chronic Disease Management program.

Physiotherapy Services

- over 20 Pilates classes each week

- 2 sessions of hydrotherapy each week (onsite indoor pool currently under construction)

- rehabilitation gym

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