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Neck pain can be caused by many conditions; from acute injuries, poor posture or stress, arthritic changes to chronic tightness and head aches or migraines. Accompanying the pain there is often dysfunction such as reduced range of motion and weakness which may affect your daily activities at work and/or  home.

Headaches are among the top 10 causes of disability world wide. Chiropractic treatment combined with exercise prescription has been proven to decrease pain, frequency and disability associated with both migraines and cervicogenic headaches.


At Basham Chiropractic our neck and headache treatment protocols will include;

  • A specific diagnosis

  • Patient education

  • Manual therapy techniques to address both muscles and joints

  • At home management strategies to relieve pain and associated symptoms

  • Progressive exercise routine to restore ideal movement to the spine and strengthen the postural muscles of the neck

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